Quilting and the World

I am a quilter.  A totally addicted-beyond-all-hope quilter.  And, I often ask myself WHY?  Why do I prefer quilting to all other activities?  Why do I prefer quilting to cooking and eating, playing music, watching movies, and sometimes to my family :)….?
The answers come in small revelations….while I am quilting.  Quilting connects me with the universe.  As I build my creation, thoughtfully choosing each shape and color, I watch a miniature world emerge from previously uncut cloth.  The shapes and colors take on movement and meaning.  The finished quilt is batted and bound, transforming it into a small niche of our of human habitat and creating a place of warmth, security, and rest from the world within it’s folds. 
I watch my aging parents warm themselves, my loving husband nap, and my grandchildren construct immense forts and hiding places with my quilts.  I feel connected to my foremothers, indeed to all mothers everywhere, and their own pleasures. And as the sunset of my ancestor’s lives brought on the sunrise of my own life, I look to the past, the present, the future as the earth gives me yet another thankful day to live and love and quilt!

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