“Bobbin’ for Answers” or the “Seams of Discontent”

Some things are just frustrating.  Some people just delight in aggravating others.  Last night I twice experienced the frustration of running out of bobbin thread on my machine.  It’s frustrating enough to have to stop in the middle of sewing a seam and wind/change a bobbin.  In my case – Murphy’s Law often demonstrates that I have sewn an entire long seam with tricky matching challenges only to find that I ran out of bobbin thread one inch into the project.  Oh those pesky bobbins.  I have one machine that USED to beep at me when the bobbin was ready to give up, but that machine is now siding with the bobbin and keeps silent.  Even on my friend’s long-arm machine – one must interrupt a beautiful sequence of decorative stitching to reposition the machine, remove and rewind the bobbin. 
My question is:  WHY CAN’T BOBBINS BE ON LARGE SPOOLS LIKE THE TOP THREAD??  I realize you can buy the pre-wound variety in many colors.  But many of us are too cheap to stoop to that and furthermore, not all machines will take them.

Which brings me to my next observation:  People can be like bobbins.
I work in a place with other people.  (Anyone surprised here)?  Most of the people here click right along with me and we “sew a smooth seam”, if you will. 
Except for the one guy.  The Bobbin.   I might even call him a Pre-Wound Bobbin because his thread is wound on factory tight. 
Interacting with him causes me to try to continually adjust the tension; tighter, looser, tighter, looser…  until he has me totally trussed up in thread knots on my backside and I have to return to my office and rip out my “seams of discontent”.  How hard would it be for him to at least pretend to be on a large spool and get along? 
MOST machines won’t take this pre-wound. 
Bobbin, watch out – I pack a heavy duty seam ripper so don’t THREAD on ME!

2 thoughts on ““Bobbin’ for Answers” or the “Seams of Discontent””

  1. LOL Mom, I love your metaphor here although I'm sorry you have to deal with a “bobbin” at work. That stinks. And I agree, bobbins should be on bigger spools! Maybe you can create a sewing machine that allows for that and cash in on that idea!

  2. oh what a great idea for you to create!!!! Get those creating genes in motion cuz i would be the first customer…..i hate the empty bobbin feeling!!!

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