Rethinking My Sewing Room

After carefully maneuvering over and around the stacks of tubs and projects on the floor and looking for fabrics I knew I owned but couldn’t find, I decided that I’d come to the last straw; the end of my rope.  This room had become a stress point instead of a DE-STRESS area.  Some things HAD to change.

Number one – I have decided that I HATE STORAGE TUBS. At least – I greatly dislike storing things I need to find again in them. It requires – removing said tub(s) from the closet, going through them and then replacing the tubs – which are often heavy and stacked on each other. All of this to find some fabric that I may or may not use and thus may or may not have to replace into the tubs again to put away. So I have been brainstorming some solutions – to keep my fabrics and often used items handy and visible but neatly stored. My room, at this writing, is still a work in progress but I am sharing “the journey” ! Enjoy!

I organized all of my one-yard + lengths of fabric onto 7.5 x 11.5 pieces of cardboard that I cut from boxes and then stored them on the bookshelf.  Between the Bookshelf and the closet I hung a hanging shoe rack on a dowel I installed and all my half yard cuts are stacked here.

On the left of the bookcase (for now) is an old CD tower that the kids had – into which I placed a fat quarter in each of the CD slots.  A bit time more time consuming than just stacking the fq’s but still easily accessible!


This is a CD storage rack I ordered online and then we mounted a shelf to hold it on the wall.  I LOVE this!  It easly holds about 850 fat quarters!


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6 thoughts on “Rethinking My Sewing Room”

  1. Holy cow, you have a lot of fabric! I'm glad you've found a way to reorganize your sewing room! It looks great so far!

  2. I know – I should be ashamed! I have figured that I have over 1000 fat quarters alone. Now that the fat quarters and the fabric are all organized and I have the closet reorganized and usable – holding all my kits and batting etc., NOW I have to figure out how to deal with my 10 tons of scraps. No more room to store them …. hmmm …. or is there….? mwahahahah…

  3. Actually – I posted that to Pinterest and you repinned it 🙂
    But I have to find something more space saving than the jars, which would require more shelving which I don't have room for. I'm working on it….

  4. No – I think the bed is out of there for good now. However, I did put the bed in the grandkid's room – so we have 2 beds in there now. If I can eventually actually clear the floor in my sewing room – we can put up temporary sleeping in there when needed!

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