Prairie Points

Prairie Points are easy and a fun way to finish a quilt instead of using a binding.

To make prairie points – first decide what size… I usually do either a 3 inch or 3.5 inch square.
Determine how many you’ll need by figuring the perimeter size of your quilt, divide by your prairie point size and add a few extra just in case.

Cut the squares out. 
Next fold each square diagonally once, corner to corner – and press;  then fold diagonally the other corner to the remaining corner and press!

I line mine up on the ironing board and do about a dozen or so at a time in assembly line fashion.

Pin the bottom of the triangles to the front edges of your quilt top, spacing so that the corner points line up with their respective quilt edges – it’s okay if you have to fudge the spacings to make sure the corners are even – it won’t be noticeable.

Sew – making sure not to catch the quilt back in your sewing as you go.

Once you have sewn the top and points, press and turn under the raw edge then hand stitch the back.  You can also machine stitch along the edge of the prairies points but in my experience, this never looks as nice and you run the risk of bunching the back fabric or losing a raw edge.

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