Where do you keep your feet?

I’ve been re-organizing my sewing room (pictures later), and while moving from my mother’s old Horn cabinet into my new Elfa drawers & desktop combo, I’ve also been micro-organizing. As I looked at my jumbled pile of presser feet, I decided to FINALLY look for and find a solution to their disorganization. It drives me crazy every time I want or need to change the foot, to have to dig through them to try to find the appropriately lettered foot for the project!

I ordered two of these little boxes from Amazon.com, at just under $4 each, hoping they would do the trick, and HURRAH! They are absolutely perfect. I was able to fit all my low-shank feet in one box, and the rest in the other. (You may either click on the picture to the left, or on the link here to purchase from Amazon.com*)

These boxes are fairly small, about 7.5″ x 5″ x about 1.25″, but the dividers inside are movable, so you may change the compartment sizes to fit your needs. The only foot that wouldn’t fit was my walking foot, which you can see just outside the box in the picture below, but you know how oversized those are anyway!

Here’s a picture of my feet happily tucked away in their new box  🙂




* Disclaimer: We make a few pennies on purchases made by clicking on these links, through Amazon’s affiliates program. But quite honestly, we wouldn’t recommend anything that we didn’t absolutely love to begin with!

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