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Journey_1_medI’ve only been a machine embroiderer for less than a year now, but have amassed a nice size collection of digital art files, from purchasing and downloading from various sites ( is a favorite), as well as from creating and digitizing my own designs using the MasterWorks III program.

The biggest annoyance over the past several months has been trying to keep the files organized, and remember what I have, and where it is. Filing them has been easy enough, and at first I was renaming each file to be a bit more descriptive so that finding that cute hummingbird picture was as easy as searching for “hummingbird”, instead of trying to remember the original file name of random digits and letters assigned by the company it came from.

But this morning my embroidery life has changed. I am free from this frustration!  After researching several options, I purchased the Embrilliance Thumbnailer program from the Embrilliance website. I easily downloaded and installed the program with just a couple clicks, and immediately every embroidery file on my computer now displays the actual picture of the embroidery artwork as its thumbnail! Check out this “Large Icon View” of one of my folders on my PC. Embroidery
A few of my Christmas embroidery files as they appear on my computer screen in their folders

There are some free programs that show up if you look for them, but I’d rather purchase a quality product from a reputable company,  and support a small business. Purchasing the Embrilliance Thumbnailer program one time allows you to install it on all of your computers, both PC and Mac. It’s such an easy and perfect solution to such an annoying problem.


disclaimer & notice: we haven’t received any type of compensation, neither money nor products, for this honest review of any and all websites and products in this post.

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