A new (to me) machine embroidery resource

I came across another really nice machine embroidery resource today for fonts, monograms, and some very cute designs, both embroidery and embroidery/applique. Designs By JuJu not only has a very attractive website, but the download offerings are really sweet too. And as luck would have it (whether this is an ongoing thing or not, who knows?) the site was having a sale. I used the promo code listed on the banner at the top of the home page, and was able to buy “Any 10 Sets or Fonts for $15”.  Actually my first purchase was of 19 items, and all were given the much-discounted price of $4.50 for each full design and/or font set. Same thing with my second purchase (when I realized I wanted more!). And don’t think for a minute that my wish list isn’t full too! (I have to show some restraint…)

DesignsByJuJu.com Magnolia Sky font

The fonts are really unique and high quality, and one purchase gives you access to the fonts in several sizes and every machine format, including BX.  Because they are individual design elements, the easiest way to use them was to download the free Embrilliance software version (the link and instructions are included in every font purchase download) , and once the program is opened, drag the whole BX file and drop it into the program. It then becomes usable as a font rather than individual elements. Very simple, really.

DBJredworkI’m excited about not just the selection of fonts that I purchased, and the really cute and colorful designs (especially the Mehndi ones), but I really can’t wait to  make some quilt square out of the Redwork Garden Blocks design pack (10 blocks). It’s awesome that I’ve now got these patterns in 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, AND 7×7!


And oh-my-gosh — check out the Baltimore Album applique patterns! There are two sets, each with 12 different blocks in 3 sizes each (5×5, 6×6, and 8×8)  I may seriously never have enough time to sleep again.

DesignsByJuju.com Baltimore Album Design pack

Check out the site – Designs By JuJu.

DISCLAIMER: This review is entirely based on my own experience and excitement about discovering the website mentioned above. I have not received any compensation or favors of any sort for this review (although I wouldn’t be totally adverse to that idea …)  I just thought y’all ought to know.


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